4 Tips for Transitioning Data

So you’re making the move to a new software system (hopefully EventOPS!).  One of the key issues to consider in any tech transition is transferring data.  Let us help you see this chore as a chance to improve! Transitioning is a great opportunity for spring cleaning and to review what matters most. And sure, these tips all apply to the magic day you move to EventOPS, but can be equally applied to that new finance or travel management system too:

Transitioning is a great opportunity quote

Tip 1: Talking the same language

Take a look at your processes.  Do they translate easily from one system to the other?  In tech terms, do your data tables correlate?! In every-day-event-planner terms, check with your new software partner that your spreadsheets don’t need renaming or reformatting before importing. We call it field mapping and we can do it for you if you ask nicely.  Well, actually, all you need to do is ask!

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Tip 2 : It’s OK to double up (for a little while)

Chances are you’ve got a ton of current and historic data in spreadsheets or your legacy system. Does all that data REALLY need to come with you or can existing events live out their days in the old while new ones take life in the next one?   This last approach might mean running both tools simultaneously for a time which might add to the reporting workload; whichever way you go, just make sure you allocate dedicated and deliberate time to think about what does and doesn’t need transferring between tools.

Tip 3: Back Up for Sanity’s Sake

Before you do any revamping/tweaking/transferring make sure you take a backup or snapshot from the old system that you can refer back to if needed. Ask the software team to give you a backup.  If you’re starting out in a new system - moving from offline (spreadsheets and brains) to online (cloud based platforms like EventOPS) make sure you can still get at the old data in some form. Bonus tip: ask every software vendor you plan to work with if they’re able to export all of their data in a usable way if you decide to move on. The answer should always be: yes. If it’s not: run!

Take a backup or snapshot quote

Tip 4: Timing is Everything

It might seem obvious but picking a time in your event cycles to transition is an important factor in reducing the stress on your organization and your people. You have to consider time to cope with the three tips above as well as the natural ‘blip’ in productivity as muscle memory of the old way fades and new muscles are built! Make sure they have the time they need to work on the data preparation, testing, and training.

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Marie-Claire Andrews