End to end event MANAGEMENT

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EventOPS in 90 Seconds
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Stop jumping from one software to another in order to organize your event. Instead, use EventOPS’ all inclusive software.

We are a web-based software solution for event and facilities managers to help organize your back-of-house event logistics.

We help you organize events start-to-finish by providing solutions to organize and automate your event requests, approvals, task and resource allocation, run of shows, file management, and most importantly collaboration. We are an end-to-end solution for scaled event teams, and we help with strenuous parts of events.

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Turn Policy Into Practice

Every department in your organization has software to manage ‘the way we do things here’. Your events portfolio needs that systematic, centralized, repeatable approach too.

Configurable enough to manage enterprise events policies no matter how complex, EventOPS will automate all the downstream impacts from every decision made.

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Create Enterprise Resilience

EventOPS provides a powerful set of tools that allow event managers to organize their events - planning and monitoring everything from one location; basically making magic happen.

Ensure the magic your event managers create is captured, centralized and made infinitely repeatable.

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Oversee, Audit, and Act

Use EventOPS to ensure a full audit trail for all your event approvals - from initiation to confirmation; it’s all in the platform.

You’re creating strategic event management at scale - with at-a-glance status reports you’re getting insights into event portfolio risk and reward in real time.

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 Are You Ready to Banish Event Triage?

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