We’re your back-of-house solution to everything events.


EventOPS was founded in 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The idea grew out of Stewart, also located in Raleigh, when they were asked to put on a large-scale event for one of their customers. The Stewart team quickly realized there was no streamlined solution for back-of-house event management. They were constantly switching through various programs to control their budget, communicate with their team, and keep track of the many different calendars. So, the brilliant developers decided to create their own software to handle all of the tedious details of event planning: budget, calendars, communication, approval flows, task allocation. And thus, EventOPS was born.

Since inception we have grown significantly and have two locations. One located in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina and one in Trivandrum, India. Through these two locations EventOPS supports global events and helps thousands of event managers around the world. Our mission is to make event management simple and give one all in one tool for all parties to collaborate. Stop worrying about the chaos of event management, and begin enjoying them again.

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina


EventOPS in 3 sentences:

We are an online SaaS software solution for event and facilities managers to help organize the back-of-house operations. We help you organize events start-to-finish by providing solutions to organize and automate your event requests, approvals, task and resource allocation, run of shows, file management, and most importantly collaboration. We are an end-to-end solution for scaled event teams and an all-encompassing software to make your life easier.


So what stages of the event process can EventOPS help in?

Every stage.

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