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Event Requests & Approvals

Are event requests overloading your email inbox? Are your approval flows confusing?

EventOPS has a great way to organize event requests and approvals flows. Design an approval flow once, and every event submission will automatically follow the sequence.

You also don't have to worry about missing an event request email because they will all be received, actioned, and recorded within EventOPS's software; therefore, no long and confusing email chains.

Additionally, you no longer have to spend hours sorting through email chains to input all of the event information into spreadsheets. Instead, every action created within the event intake form will automactically be created into tasks, resource allocations, and budget lines within the software.

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Spend Management

Sick of never knowing which spreadsheet budget is most up-to-date? Confused on why the final budget was higher than you anticipated?

With EventOPS' spend management module, you can easily input all of your date once and then your budget will automtically change with every adjustment you make throughout the event planning process. You and your team will only be using one budget, therefore it is always up-to-date and accurate.

EventOPS also makes it easy for you to add fees, gratuities, and taxes to your budget so the amount spent will never skyrocket at the end of the event, putting you surpisingly over budget.

And, because we know executives love numbers- our software makes it incredibly easy to run a report at any point throughout your event planning process to prove to your stakeholders that you are sticking with your budget

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Project Management
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Tired of never knowing what your event space is going to look like day-of? Is your production schedule never accurate because there's no time to constantly go back and manually update it?

With EventOPS you will always know exactly what your event space is going to look like because we give you the ability to plan out your indoor or outdoor space directly within our software. Just import images of your space and organize away.

You also never need to worry about updating your production schedule throughout your planning process. In fact, you don't have to worry about creating a production schedule in general. We automatically create a schedule for you as a direct result of your planning and collaboration- which means everything is accurate 100% of the time.

Never start an event from scratch again! Click one button in EventOPS and all of your data from your last event can be moved forward in time, allowing you to work from a similar past event saving you hours of time and stress.

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Team Management

How often has miscommunication ruined or almost ruined your event? How many different software programs do you use to organize all of your meetings, deadlines, and taks?

Never worry about these again. EventOPS makes it easy to communicate with your team via fully-functioning chat throughout the entire planning process that is organized and simple to document.

Your team will never miss another task, too, because you can create and assign tasks to the responsible party with any comments, pictures, and files you deem necessary.

You also don't have to worry about switching programs in order to see all of your different calendars, because they can all live in EventOPS. Open one calendar to see all of your meetings, deadlines, tasks, and even see what resources you have booked.

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